Repair Service ... done while you wait!

Chad Yesue, Owner

Why go to Joy-Den Jewelers for repairs?

The pendant handed down from your great-grandmother needs to be repaired, and although it may not be valuable in monetary terms, to you it is priceless. How can you leave it for weeks with a jeweler who will ship it off to be repaired? What if it gets lost or stolen?

Don't pack it away regretfully. Take it to Joy-Den Jewelers. Hand it over to one of our five experienced jewelers on staff. Take a seat and wait, or watch as the repair takes place!

"If it's a sentimental piece, such as a diamond that has been passed down, you can bring it to the store. Hang out with us for a little bit and have your ring totally fixed while you are here," store owner Chad Yesue says. "I don't know of any other jewelry store where you could walk in and have a diamond either reset or rebuilt within that day and never have to leave it."

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